Build and Enter a Float

What makes the Driftwood parade so spectacular is the hard work of our residents.  While the parade is filled with many marching groups, dance teams and bands, the heart of the parade is the floats built by and carrying kids who get to enjoy the experience of riding in a parade.

Building a float is easy.  Most people use a trailer pulled behind a vehicle.  Depending the the trailer style, you may need to build up the sides a bit using 2×4’s (just build a simple frame) and cardboard staple gunned to the wood.  If the trailer sides are high enough, you can attach the cardboard straight to the trailer and then just decorate.   Also seen in the parade have been decorated pickup truck beds, and boats pulled behind a vehicle, with just the boat decorated.

Contact our Parade captain to enter your float and to get line-up instructions.  Then build the float.  Most are built the night or two before the parade – it doesn’t take a lot of work.

Check out this information on float building, and some pictures of examples of floats from previous years.

Documents:   FloatSchematic    and     Parade_Float_Building

IMG_717133369406763 IMG_717141137621708 IMG_717150568227902 IMG_717059121964187 IMG_717064986075227

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