Annual Driftwood Parade


Each year, about 2-1/2 weeks before Mardi Gras, the Krewe of Driftwood parades through the neighborhood. Groups of neighbors put together “block” or “street” floats, or invite their family to ride along in floats pulled behind trucks.  Many decorate a trailer pulled behind a truck.  A decorated boat (on the trailer) or two have been seen as a float, or even decorate the bed of a pick-up truck and load the kids in.  Each year, the parade has a theme and judges vote on the best floats.  If you’ve never been, it is like a neighborhood wide block party.


As you travel through the streets of Driftwood this Mardi Gras season, pay close attention to the flags that you see hanging from some of houses in our neighborhood.  Every year the King and Queen of the Krewe of Driftwood are presented with a flag in honor of their being selected to reign over the parade.  These are the people who have contributed greatly to making our neighborhood the great place that it is today.  The Kings and Queens are chosen based upon the contributions they have made not only to Driftwood but also to the community at large.  We have had Queens and Kings who were Boy Scout Leaders and Girl Scout Moms, Church volunteers, School Moms and School Volunteers.  Although some have moved away, many still live in the neighborhood and are still contributing by serving on various boards and coaching at the playground.  These men and women have helped keep the traditions of this neighborhood alive and growing and to they we say “Thank You!”

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