Important Phone Numbers

Contact      Number
Emergencies      911
Kenner Police Main      712-2200
Kenner Police Non-Emergency 24/7      712-2222
Kenner Fire Non-Emergency      468-7265
Kenner Fire Emergency      467-2211
City of Kenner      468-7200
Kenner Sewerage – Veolia      468-7292
Kenner Public Works      468-7515
Kenner Brake Tag Station      468-4075
Kenner Code Enforcement Complaints      468-4068
Kenner Permits      468-4062
Kenner Humane Office      468-7503
Kenner Clerk of Court      468-7277
Atmos Energy – Gas Company  888-286-6700
Atmos Energy Emergency  866-322-3100
Entergy Electricity Customer Service  800-368-3749
Entergy – Electric Outages  800-968-8243
Entergy – Call Before You Dig  800-272-3020
Jefferson Parrish Dept. of Water      736-6060
Jefferson Parrish Sewerage Dept.      736-6675
Ramelli Garbage Collection      482-2040
Galatas Gym      468-4019
Driftwood Country Club      443-1157
Schneckenburger School      443-1236
Poison Control Center  800-222-1222
Louis Armstrong Airport      464-0831
Airport Noise Hotline      464-3545
North Kenner Library      736-8730
East Jefferson Hospital/Ambulance      454-4444
North Kenner Post Office  800-275-8777

Instructions for adding these numbers to your address book easily:
1. Download the following file: Important Phone Numbers
2. Choose the method you will use:
           a. Gmail Contacts – Click the link and follow directions.
           b.Yahoo Contacts– Click the link and follow directions.
           c. Apple Address Book 
                   1. Open Address Book (Contacts)
                   2. Choose “File -> Import”
                   3. Select the “contacts.csv” file and click open.
                   4. Follow the on-screen directions
          d. Apple iPhone – Download this file – contacts.vcf
                   1. Email the file to yourself or upload to dropbox

                   2. Open the file on your phone and follow the on-screen directions
          e. Other Devices – A quick Google search to find your device.

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