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lochaline silica ore mine re

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「Lochaline Silica Sand Mine Subterranea Britannica」

Lochaline Silica Sand Mine is the only underground silica sand mine in the UK and extracts silica of 99.8% purity from a five metre sequence. The sand is used for the manufacture of high quality glass for optical and other purposes. Although the sand has been known about since the nineteenth century, the mine only opened in 1940.

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「Lochaline, Silica Sand Mine Canmore」

Lochaline mine always concentrated on providing silica msand for the glassmaking industry and thus reflected the relatively recent growth of this demand for glass sand. In 2004, 53% of silica sand supplied by the UK was for the glass industry. (1) The balance made up of foundry sand (11%), other uses (19%), horticultural and leisure (17%).

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「History Lochaline Quartz Sand Ltd.」

At that time imported silica sand was quite cheap and extraction of Lochaline sand was considered to be uneconomic. It was not until World War 2 when other sources of silica sand were cut off, and pure silica was needed for the production of high quality glass for periscope lenses and gun sights, that Lochaline mine was opened.

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「Lochaline Silica Mine, Morvern Dec. 2011」

Lochaline is a pretty wee village in, basically, the middle of nowhere when you need to take a ferry and drive down 20 miles of singletrack to get somewhere, it's very unurban exploring! But what Lochaline has is a silica mine opened in 1940 to meet the wartime need of silica to make optical quality glass, the sandstone in the mine is very pure.

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「Lochaline, Silica Sand Mine ScotlandsPlaces」

Lochaline, Silica Sand Mine You may copy, display, store and make derivative works for personal use or use solely within an educational institution by staff and students, under these conditions: the ScotlandsPlaces website is attributed, there is no commercial use or sale, and no public distribution (for example, by hand, email, or web).

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「Lochaline sand mine gives up its secrets to visitors The」

There are two products of silica sand sold from Lochaline mine LQS85 and LQS500 with one having a higher iron content. The sand is used for various end products including glass used in lenses, whisky bottles and windows but Veronique said: We recently supplied sand to film studios so maybe famous movie stars have frolicked in it!

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