Trauth’s Restaurant Demolition News

After working diligently with Ochsner for months to clean up the site of the abandoned Trauth’s Restaurant, the Civic Association is pleased to report significant progress. The restaurant building on the corner of Driftwood and Williams has been empty for years and the property not maintained.  In the last several months, members of DPCA board have contacted Ochsner regarding this eyesore.  At a fundraiser yesterday, attended by Mayor Yenni, Parish Councilman Ben Zahn, and Councilman Keith Connely, board president, John DeHaven, had the opportunity to meet with the contractor selected to demolish the building yesterday.

Equipment is moving into place this week to prepare for the building’s demolition. Work begins Monday March 16th. This property is owned by Ochsner, which operates the Driftwood Clinic located behind the restaurant site. According to this month’s Kenner Star, Ochsner plans to build an outpatient center on the site.

Thank you to our board members and to the councilmen who have worked so hard to have this site at a primary entrance to our neighborhood cleaned up.

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